Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Saige, Little Saige

My sister lent me her Saige to take some comparison photos with Violet.

Violet seems so miniscule compared to Saige!

Their matching belts. Excuse the glare on Violet's face.

Comparing their rings. Violet looks so pale compared to Saige, but that's because of the light.

As pretty as Saige is, I must say that I really love how Violet turned out. There's just something so satisfying about playing with a doll that you made yourself.

If you have pictures of your paper dolls, please send them to me! I would love to see and showcase different paper doll artists (and blogs, if you have one!)


  1. I'll take some photos of my paper dolls and send them to you! You inspired me to start making them!

  2. I will try to send on in, but my e-mail doesn't work! :( By the way, you almost have 20 followers! Just 3 more!


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