Tutorials and Advice

Here you can find all the tutorials that have been posted here, with links to tutorial post.

1. Making paper dolls
   i. drawing
   ii. coloring
   iii. tape laminating
   iv. basic hair
   v. bangs
   vi. fixing blank eyes
   vii. changing eye color

3. Naming dolls

4. Making basic doll items
    i. Making doll beds
    ii. Making doll clothes
    iii. Making doll closets
         • updated doll storage tutorial
    iv. Making makeup
    v. Making doll instruments
    vi. Making sofas and chairs
    vii. Making a gymnastics bar set

5. Taking inventory

6. Beat the Heat
    i. making a drink
    ii. making a tree house
    iii. making a bedroom
    iv. making an aquarium
    v. making an open-shoulder shirt
    vi. making a bike
    vii. making shoes
    viii. making denim cutoffs

7. Dollhouse
   i. kitchen
   ii. vanity


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  2. It's coming - I just have to upload the pictures.

    1. what's coming? Am i being nosy? sorry if i am.
      - Anonymous A.

  3. Hi. I am excited to find your articles but I have a request if possible. I have old eyes and find it very difficult to read the pale aqua lettering on the white background and was wondering if the color can be changed to something darker so I can come back and really study your great posts. Thank you, M

    1. Sure! I'm so sorry - it looked darker in the template, but seeing it live I agree that the blue is a little too bright. I'll switch it immediately. Thanks for letting me know, and my apologies for the inconvenience!

  4. I love your blog, but I have a small request. Could you do more dollhouse tutorial posts? I'm always looking for more.


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