Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beat the Heat: Make a Bike

Biking is a fun activity during the summer, especially when it's not too hot and you're on your way to an exciting destination. Here's a tutorial for a trail bike perfect for summer excursions.

Measure your doll to make sure that your bike will be at the right scale. I wanted to make a bike that all the dolls could use, so I used Perrin, whose height is about average for the dolls, as a model. 

Draw the bike. If you want, you can make the wheels move by drawing them separately and attaching them with paper fasteners. 

Color it in. I decided on the color scheme of the AG trail bike, although I also like the colors of this one from Little Miss Matched.

Cut out the spokes and inner parts of the bike with a pocket or craft knife. You can also use scissors, but your cuts will not be as precise and it will be very difficult. 

Draw two triangles under the wheels to keep it stable.

Cut it out, and you're done! Perrin and Violet are going to meet Juliet for a picnic by the lake; what adventures will your dolls go on with their bikes?


  1. I made one! It turned out awesome! I did not cut out between wheel spokes.

    Rebecca (Miss Bliss)

  2. this is sooooo amazing! I am going to make this

  3. I absolutely love what you focus on for this blog. Great job and thanks so much for sharing!


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