Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry 3 - Cleo (Jan Brady)

This is my entry for the contest! :). Meet Cleo!  :). Here is a little bit about her; divided into two book synopses about her.  :)

Meet Cleo
Cleo is finally doing what she's always dreamed of doing: volunteering at her local animal shelter.  She has just turned 13, and therefore is old enough.  As a Junior Volunteer, there are lots of other girls exactly her age volunteering there too.  She finds a friend in Juliet, another girl who is thirteen.  But then miscellaneous incidents have been going on at the shelter that are confirmed as done by the JVs; that weren't supposed to happen.  The girls' archenemy at the shelter, Sally, another JV in a higher rank, has been saying that Cleo did them....and the staff believe her.  In consequence, Cleo is given a warning before being suspended from volunteering.  When Cleo confronts Sally, she says that Juliet told her that Cleo did them.  Juliet denies it...but Cleo doesn't know what to think.  Their friendship is put to the test.  Will it stand?

Cleo Rises High
Things are finally back to normal again between Cleo and Juliet.  The shelter, on the other hand, isn't doing so well.  They are running short on money, and need a fundraising  Cleo has a great idea to hold a fancy dance gala to raise money; complete with an orchestra, dance floor, punch, get the point.  But with her reputation sullied at the shelter, no one will listen to her.  Worse, Sally has been trying to produce false evidence that Cleo had been doing the incidents.  Cleo decides to enlist Juliet to help her pull together the dance gala, along with Miss Louise, a staff member who believes that Cleo didn't do the incidents.  They go all over town, but they can't seem to find anyone to help with the dance.  They need refreshments, a venue, and the worst orchestra.  Meanwhile, Sally is satisfied when she finds out about their not working efforts.  Will Cleo be able to pull the dance together in time to save the shelter?  Will the plan rise high?  Or tumble down?

Meet Cleo!  She is dressed in her mall outfit, which she wears while shopping at the mall with Juliet.  It features a fluffy orange sweater, green necklace, and Cleo's favorite color block skirt.

Notice her favorite blue leopard print purse!  :)

Her whole collection.

Here she is dressed in her Junior Volunteer Uniform.  Her uniform shirt is a comfy t-shirt, featuring a barking puppy on the front.  Cleo pairs it with some colored, cuffed jeans.

This is Cleo's Flower Dress, which she wears to the gala.  Her floor length creation is made of violet silk, with delicate light pink lace along the hem and neckline, and a darker red sash.  The finishing touch is a blue taffeta flower.

This is Cleo's Desk, from her room, fittingly adorned with a puppy on the tabletop, her favorite animal.

Here you can see how the legs are decorated. :)

And it's the perfect size for her, too!  

Inspiration for Cleo: I am going to volunteer at an animal shelter soon, and I love animals.

I hope you like my entry!  :). Thank you very much!


Thank you Jan and Cleo! 
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