Sunday, July 28, 2013

Night Out at the Ice Cream Parlor

Last night I took Violet and Perrin with me to the ice cream parlor.

We went with a regular ice cream container, but Violet looks cute beside the waffle bowls.

I had trouble deciding on ice cream flavors: watermelon or red velvet. I know, first world problems, but they were both so good.

Then we checked out the toppings.

Gummy bears or M&Ms?


At last I completed the order and got to enjoy the ice cream.


The angle of the picture is rather misleading - the container is much smaller than it appears.

Brain freeze!

(Just a warning for taking pictures of dolls in public places - make sure you have extra tape and doll shoes with you, and try to avoid taking pictures around other people. I got a weird look from some customers when I was trying to take photos!)


  1. hi n,
    so I sent the email for the contest and my mom sent another email to you. not trying to be impatient but i'm so eager . sorry but please check your email.


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