Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Entry 4 - Lila Isabelle Carson (Pepper)

Hey, everyone! My name is Pepper. You may or may not have heard of my YouTube channel called AGSonoranSunset. Thank you so much N for holding this contest! Without further ado, here is my paper doll and her collection:

Hi! My name is Lila Isabelle Carson. I am a busy middle school student who loves nature, shopping, and is on a competitive synchronized swimming team. Almost all of the clothes I wear can be mixed and matched. The outfit you see me wearing is something I usually wear to school. The shirt I am wearing is a hot pink long sleeved V-neck with white cuffed sleeves and some embroidery in the left corner. The pants are cargo style Capri pants and my shoes are cranberry colored sneakers. This is such a comfy outfit!
I am about to go to school. The lime green back pack straps are so cool! And that is my back pack! I love the colors in it.
 Now it is time to warm up for my swim meet! Listening to my iPod helps me relax before competitions. 

This is my swimsuit I wear for synchronized swimming. It is aoff the shoulder purple bikini with ruffles and black polka dots.

After competitions, I relax by the pool with my favorite lavender sun glasses and my polka dot beach towel signed by all of my teammates.

When I’m not swimming, I love to explore the outdoors. This outfit is my all-time favorite! The denim shorts match perfectly with the golden yellow fringe crop top. I love the fringe boots!


This is my party dress, the only thing in my wardrobe that is not that the top and skirt aren’t separate. (Obviously because it’s a dress!) I wear this to school dances with my matching jelly sandals. This outfit is so cute!

This is my beautiful bedroom. My bed has a white duvet cover with tiny gold flowers and blue polka dots. My pillow is also blue. I have a bunny named Coco that I got for my birthday to years ago. His bed is a birthday gift too, that my BFF Vera made.

This is my night gown. It consists of a striped camisole, short blue skirt, long dark blue skirt, and little orange slippers. Whenever I get too hot I just take off one of the skirts!

This is my whole collection!
I hope you enjoyed my paper doll Lila and her collection! Have a great rest of your day everyone! –Pepper :o)

Thank you Lila and Pepper!
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  1. n i sent you a contest entry 2 days ago and i need to know where it is and when you will post it today. PLEASE POST MARIA AND HER COLLECTION!

    1. I didn't get the email. Could you please send it again? Don't worry about the deadline (you can send it after midnight tonight), just please make sure you send it to

    2. Whoops! I sent it without the my. Sorry!

  2. I can't see the pictures... (I'm on an iPad)

  3. I'm sure the collection is really cool, but the photos are not coming up for me...... :(

  4. Sorry about the photo situation - I'm working on correcting it now.


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