Thursday, August 1, 2013

Entry 5 - Skylar Brown (Alexandra)

Skylar Brown is a very smart and athletic girl. The outfits above each show her personality. The green and white sundress is for studying in the park, the swimsuit is for her swim meets and the track suit is for when she runs. Those are all hobbies of hers. Directly below her outfits are her accessories. The textbook is for studying at the park, the sunglasses are for swimming, and the ribbon she won at a track race. 

The picture above is Skylar at the park. Under her is a checkered red and white picnic blanket, and on that is a picnic basket, and her textbook. Beside her is a bridge leading into a pond.

Above is Skylar relaxing on a pool float after a swim meet.

Above is Skylar wearing her first place ribbon on her track suit preparing for a jog.

Inspiration for Skylar: I based the doll on myself. For example, I like swimming and running.

Thank you Alexandra and Skylar! 
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  1. Such a cute doll! Very creative!

  2. Good job on the paper doll!
    And your 100th post!


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