Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who Wore It Best?

One of my favorite Etsy stores is L'Atelier de Sitara, so I thought it would be fitting to make some of the outfits in the "Yearbook" line for fall. In this round of "Who Wore It Best?" Violet and Perrin are modeling the "Most Artistic" dress and shirt.

Perrin wore it with a floral scarf (also part of the "Most Artistic" outfit), a turquoise ring, and the brown sandals from the sweater outfit.

Violet added the necklace from the set, as well as a red flower hair clip and the boots the parade set.  

Whose look do you think is better? 


  1. I like Violet's look better! When will you post the winner of the contest? :)

  2. Perrin!! Definitely, she was the one who wore it best.

  3. Perrin!

    Also, could some of you guys vote for #73(me!) in this contest. I am in third and only first and second get prizes.


  4. Definitely Perrin!

  5. Violet! VIOLET!
    -Anonymous A.


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