Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet the New Dolls Part 1

All the dolls and their things mysteriously disappeared while I was out of town last week, so I had to remake everything. The good news is that I've come up with some fun new tutorial ideas and storage solutions that I can't wait to share with you! Some more good news is that I've finally gotten a new computer (you may recall earlier in the summer that I mentioned my previous computer was beyond repair), so hopefully it will be much easier to post pictures.

Without further ado, here is the first part of my new collection series - meet Fiona, Madeline, and Aisling!

Ever since Mattel's spinoff Ever After High line came out, I've wanted to make some of the dolls. They're not perfect by any means, but I'm still happy with how they turned out. 

For the curious, Fiona is based on Apple White, and Aisling (pronounced "Ash-lin"; it's an Irish name meaning "dream") is based on Ashlynn Ella. I will probably make Raven once Mattel releases a new outfit for her (I'm not a fan of the outfit she comes with), but I'm not so sure about Briar, nor the other characters that are expected to be released in Wave 2.

The girls enjoying a picnic of Japanese food

Have you made a doll of this sort? Any advice on how to better draw their faces?

Stay tuned for the rest of the new collection series, including more dolls and some new and innovative tutorials!


  1. Aww- too bad about your dolls! The EAH girls are pretty cute. I have (doll) Maddie! She is so fun. Can't wait to see the rest of your new collection!
    peace, love, llamas,

  2. Oh no! It's awful to lose dolls! I hope you find your old dolls, then you can have a whole family!!


  3. Nooo! Poor Perrin, Meredith, Quinn, Juliet & Violet! I think you should remake them, but I do like the EAH dolls, Alina & Kiernan.

  4. Didn't you have Quinn with you on vacation? Maybe she's hiding in your suitcase or something.


    1. She's not. I all but tore the suitcase apart, to no avail. I'm hoping that she's in a box or something that I took with me.


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