Friday, July 12, 2013

Entry 1 - Lillian Grace (Miss Bliss)

 Hi my name is Miss Bliss. My paper doll is named Lillian Grace. Enter Lillian Grace!

Hi. Since she just announced me I won't repeat my name. What's so cool about my wardrobe is I sewed all my clothes. I am also a home-schooler and have been for all my life. I love being a home-schooler! 

This is my entire collection.

I have been sewing my clothes a long time. In that time I have developed my own unique style.

This is my favorite outfit. I love the hat!

This one is probably my least favorite. But still pretty!

This hat fits really well!

Here is my bed! Only, what's really cool about it is that it flips over to be a different bed!

See? Here's the other side! I am going to use this for storage. I will sleep in one side, my clothes will go in the other!  Thanks!       Lillian Grace, signing out.

Inspiration for Lillian Grace and her collection:

Thank you Miss Bliss and Lillian Grace! 
Want to enter the contest to win a sheet of the latest AG releases? Go here:


  1. Cool!Good Luck!
    I will be sending my entry from my moms email.
    Please call me AGtime.


  2. Hi...did you win? I am Anonymous A.


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