Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry 2 - Liberty Virginia (Chickadee)

Hi, my name is Chickadee, my doll is Liberty Virginia. Now I'll pass it over to her! Take it Liberty!
Thank you Chickadee for introducing me! Now on with business. I am 11 years old, and love to read, write, and take pictures!


This is all of my stuff!


This is my casual outfit, just for hanging out at home. It also doubles as my pjs!


This is my favorite outfit of all 3 that I own! Also, I love taking nature pictures!


This is my most fancy outfit, it is a gray and purple cardigan over a lime green tank top, with pinkie orange shorts! Also, my writing pad!


And this is my fireworks themed bed! Thank you for taking the time to look at these photos, Liberty Virginia, signing off! 
My inspiration was Old Navy at the 4 of July.

Thank you Chickadee and Liberty Virginia! 
Want to enter the contest to win a sheet of the latest AG releases? Go here: 


  1. Hi, N! I just want to make sure you received my email since it holds my contest entry. Hope you're having an amazing day! -Pepper (AGSonoranSunset)

    1. Don't worry, I did get your entry and it is going to be up the day after tomorrow. Thanks for entering!

  2. N, I sent the email yesterday for the contest and I'm just making sure you got it.
    well that's all thanks for reading!
    PS. my doll's name is Maria


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