Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making Sofas and Chairs

It seemed that last week the consensus was that you want to see doll furniture tutorials. Here's a really simple one for sofas and chairs. All you need is some paper, scissors, and tape.

1. The basic sofa

First, cut the paper to the size you want, and decorate it however you like. (I didn't because I was in a hurry, but you can go all out on this.)

Fold it in half like a book. 

You have a sofa! I know, it's a bit of a ridiculous tutorial. You can make it fancier by adding armrests and drawing cushions, or by trying the following variation.

2. The fold-out sofa

This works well when you have more dolls than beds and are too busy to make a bed. All you need to do is add an extra fold to the above sofa.

Instead of folding the paper in half, fold it in thirds.

Fold one third back under so it looks like the basic sofa.

You can draw a pillow on the side you fold under, and have your furniture do double duty as a bed and sofa.

3. The chair

Start like the basic sofa - cut your paper and fold it in half. Cut it again until the chair is the size you want.

You can fold it over a few times to look like a lawn chair. I didn't do it on purpose (I was just re-using the same paper from the sofa), but it looks cool.

Cut some smaller strips that are the same length for the chair legs. I used two, but you can use however many you want.

Tape them to the bottom and you have a chair! 

I hope you liked this tutorial, even though it was extremely basic. If there is anything you want a tutorial for, please, please, tell me in the comments, because I'm starting to run out of ideas.


  1. I get the running out of ideas. Maybe you could, do one on pets. I've tried and I don't know how to size them.

  2. What about food and a refrigerator and stuff?

  3. You got tagged!! http://hellolittlebirdybyclaire.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-fashion-tag.html

  4. Very cute ideas!

    New follower here!

    I also love how you keep up on all the AG news... I have Felicity, but I also have other dolls this scale who can use AG stuff :)



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