Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Name That Doll!

This week is really crazy, so instead of a tutorial today I am posting the details of this month's contest. Two lucky winners will get a paper Ellowyne of their choice, plus an extra outfit! So, what do you need to do to win?

I followed your advice and replaced the McKenna with the custom doll, but I can't think of a name or character for her. To enter this month's contest, write a comment telling me your top choice for her first and middle name, and some of her personality characteristics, such as her favorite activity and her pet*. An example entry might look like this:

McKenna Elizabeth is a gymnast from Seattle. She is a good friend and dedicated to gymnastics, but she can be very competitive and has reading comprehension issues. McKenna has a dog named Cooper.

Two winners will be chosen, one for the name and one for the personality. If one entry has my favorite name and personality, the runner up will get the other paper Ellowyne. 

The contest will end on April 15th. Have fun, and good luck!

*You're not required to include a pet, but if you do, please make it an AG pet that is not retired or was retired in 2012 for the sake of convenience. 

EDIT: The doll has a name now, so just comment with personality characteristics, not name suggestions. Thanks!


  1. Her personality should be a biker who loves the color blue. She has a goal of winning the city bike race so that she can goto county, but the hurts her arm and can't bike for a month.

  2. Her personality is a shy but friendly girl that everybody overlooks.

  3. I think she should be a writer from Ocean- Side, California, and should be very observant. She is not exactly shy, but likes to keep to herself sometimes. She likes mint-chocolate chip ice-cream. People like to go to her for advice, because she is very sensible. She is also the type of friend who will always listen, no matter what. She has a cat named Inkpot.

    I'm sorry mine is so long! But, I hope you like it!


  4. She is very observant, but not exactly shy. She likes to keep to herself sometimes, but also likes to hang out with friends. She is from San Diego, California, and is an excellent writer. I'm not sure if it posted this twice, but this is my final one.


  5. Ms. Mckenna Elizabeth here should live on the edge of a lake in New York with a pier. (Sorry, I'm obsessed with piers) Her house is a simple beach side cottage type. She likes to read and write and has been home schooled her whole life.
    (If you want her to have a story,well, then one day she enters a writing contest. When she wins, she all of a sudden has her story published in a magazine.
    Next book, she's trying to write a whole novel, and she sends it in to a couple publishers and DOES NOT get published. The whole story should be about her trying her best and all that stuffs. Maybe toward the end she could get published?)

    Sorry so long,

  6. (Insert Name Here) is a shy but intelligent girl, and loves the outdoors. She likes gardening and swimming, but not competitively, because she thinks it takes the fun out of it. She's a fan of Hello Kitty and has a cat named Licorice.
    I hope I win!


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