Monday, April 29, 2013

Fashion Tag, Paper Doll Style

I've been tagged! Thanks Elizabeth!

In this tag, I had the dolls "narrate" their answers to the questions.

1. How would you describe your style?

Perrin: Comfort first, always. I let Violet worry if I'm stylish or not.
Violet: Bright and fashionable. I love wearing different colors and prints.
Meredith: Retro, with ice cream. (I hope that made sense.)
Quinn: Steampunk, of course.
Juliet: Mod, sixties-ish.

2. What are your wardrobe staples?

Perrin: I'll be honest, I had to Google what a wardrobe staple is. Do jeans count? I haven't taken any pictures with them, but they're really comfortable and I can wear them with any shirt.
Violet: My jewelry! It matches all my things.
Meredith: My two-tone shoes. I love black and white!
Quinn: My goggles. They look so cool, and the blue stones are a perfect color match for my skirt.
Juliet: Currently my wardrobe is quite small, so I don't have any staples yet.

3. Most expensive clothing item you own?

Violet: Since all our clothes are handmade, we don't pay cash for them. In terms of time spent making the clothes, my sweater outfit was the most expensive. Tribal print is hard to get right!

4. Most wanted item?

Perrin: Something with a galaxy print would be nice.
Violet: Whatever AG releases next in the Saige collection. I hope it's cute! I'd also love something from Liberty Jane, but that's out of the question for now.
Meredith: Some new dresses, hopefully with fun prints and Peter Pan collars.
Quinn: A dirigible. Oh wait, you mean a clothing item? I could use another shirt, but I've got enough clothing already anyway.
Juliet: I'd love some new hats.

5. Favorite Designer?

Perrin: Seeing as how everything I own is from them, I'll go with AG. Liberty Jane makes nice pieces too.
Violet: AG, Liberty Jane, and Acorn Soup on Etsy.
Meredith: MissBlythe2012 and Strumpets and Blythe on Etsy.
Quinn: Cindy Sowers from Etsy makes really nice steam-punk stuff.
Juliet: Robert Tonner, of course!

6.How much do you spend on clothing?

Perrin: Didn't Violet answer something like this in #3?

7. Favorite places to shop?

Meredith: Etsy for me and Quinn, Wilde Imagination for Juliet, and AG for Violet and Perrin.

8. Favorite Fragrance?

Perrin: I love peach and lemon scents.
Violet: The scent of paint. I know it's not so healthy to breathe so much in, but it puts me in such a creative mood.
Meredith: Frying food. It makes me hungry, and I love fried food almost as much as ice cream!
Quinn: I'll go with marshmallows roasting.
Juliet: Vanilla, I think.

9. Favorite ways to do your hair?

Perrin: Out of my face. Seriously, I can't think if my hair's all over the place.
Violet: In my signature braid, to keep it out of the way while I paint.
Meredith: Curly and down, the better to show off my awesome pink gradient hair!
Quinn: Pulled back with my headband or goggles.
Juliet: Curled and loose, with some side bangs.

10. Most prized possession?

Perrin: How is this different from the wardrobe staple question?
Violet: I'll go with my jewelry.
Meredith: Bella, of course! Does that count? No? Okay, my ice cream hat.
Quinn: I said it before, but I love my goggles!
Juliet: I just got here, so I don't have one yet.


  1. Aylin Selina Hathaway (My Newest Paper Doll): I agree with you on being comfortable, Perrin! All I own so far is Saige's Meet Dress, which is okay, but I'd much rather have jeans and a T-Shirt!

  2. Lynn (my ''just like you'' doll) : (just about to answer #1 when beiber comes on radio) ahhhhhhh make it stop make it stop help me someone........-luv paper doll newbie btw Lynn DOSEN'T LIKE JUSTIN

  3. Lynn: me too alyin Hathaway I agree - luv paper doll newbie


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