Sunday, April 14, 2013

The New Collection Part 1

We've reached a milestone with Paper Doll World - 50 posts and 9 followers! Thank you so much to everyone who reads, follows, and comments; it's great to know that other people love paper dolls too. In honor of the occasion, I changed the blog background. I hope you like it!

Here at last is the made-over collection, or at least part of it. I still have several things to make, and hopefully I'll have them done by next Sunday.

Meet Violet Saige and Eleanor Perrin! Choosing their names was such a miserable experience because I have issues with giving the same name to different dolls. It wasn't such an issue with Violet because Saige is the middle name, but naming Perrin was the worst because nothing seemed to fit her. Even her name Perrin doesn't "click" perfectly for me, but it suits her best of all the other names I found, so I'm sticking with it. 

Another difference from last week's photo (besides from the fact that Perrin has replaced McKenna) is that they're wearing different outfits. I finally found the time to finish two of the outfits from yesterday's board, and even though wearing a sweater may not be so comfortable in April, Violet and Perrin are glad to be out of the dresses from last week. (By the way, I made yesterday's board in Polyvore. Polyvore and Pinterest are great ways to organize the doll things that you want to make in a visual way, and they definitely keep me more sane when I'm overwhelmed by the number of things I have to make for the dolls.)

When I remade my paper doll collection, I downsized the dollhouse from two big plastic bins to an index card box. The exterior is very plain (I'm hoping to spray-paint it gold or some other fun color at some point), but check out the inside!

You open it out flat to create two separate areas to play and photograph. It's a great way to get the most play value from a small space. As you can see, the lid is the bedroom/living area and the box is a garden. The whole house is still a work in progress - I need to add more decoration to the bedroom and add more plants and things to the yard to cover up the corners - but overall I like it a lot. 

Perrin and Violet are resting on the bench, Meredith and Quinn are checking on the vegetables, and Holly is wading in the pond. When summer comes, I think I'll turn the pond or the flower bed into a fire pit and the dolls can have a cookout. What do you think would look good in the garden?

Tired from their excursion, everyone comes in to lounge on their beds. They talk about all the improvements they want to make to their new room, such as windows, carpets and posters. Quinn is begging for this steam-pug poster, and Meredith wants something from Heidi Kenney's My Paper Crane. Everyone else is still undecided, although they all like the mirror. Any ideas for fun things to brighten up the bedroom?

What I hope to finish by next week:
- the rest of Violet and Perrin's clothes
- some new clothes for Holly, who's been a bit neglected in all the Blythe-AG craziness
- new shoes for Meredith and Quinn
- food for all of them 
- pet(s) for Violet and Perrin
- all the house improvements

Hope you like the new dolls and house. Don't forget, the contest is over tomorrow!


  1. This is so creative and it looks so fun!

  2. You and a few others inspired me to make a blog! Mine isn't about paper dolls though, It's about Ag dolls.


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