Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Making Paper Dolls Part IV

At last, we're almost done with the paper doll tutorial! In the last part of this tutorial, I'll show you how to make hair for your doll. 

1: Draw the shape of the hair that you want your doll to have and color it in.

2: Cut it out and trim it to size.


3: Touch it up until you are satisfied. I decided to color in the little white spots to make the hair look more natural. 

4: Tape it to the back of your doll's head and you're done!

Here she is in her meet outfit:

Meet Keira Fletcher!

The next Tutorial Tuesday will be about making different doll hairstyles. 


  1. Cute!!!! I make my dolls a much simpler way.

    1. I know; I read your tutorials! We make clothes basically the same way, though.

  2. How do you do the bangs?

    1. I was hoping someone would notice that! That's the topic of the next tutorial.


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