Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo Shoot Sunday: New Releases

Saige, Vivienne, and I went outside again for this week's photo shoot. We decided to feature two of the newly released outfits from American Girl, the Easy Breezy outfit and the Sweet Spring dress. The problem was that my dogs were outside with me, and they love to chew paper. It was a challenge to take pictures and keep curious dogs away!

I managed to get one good shot before the wind started blowing.

It was hard to get them to stay on the plant!

I like how Saige's hair looks windblown here.

And just for fun, they lounged on my dog's belly. He was lying on his back and I couldn't resist! Luckily, he didn't notice. (I don't think he would have eaten them - my other dog was the one who ate a paper doll back in November - but I was ready to grab them just in case!) 

What do you want to see next week?


  1. wow! great job! by looking at your site, I've noticed there needs to be more of your dolls in a little paper doll house! that could be cool!

    1. I would live to make more dolls, but I'm trying to keep my collection small so I don't turn into one of those hoarders you see on TV. :)

  2. Oh! that makes sense! LOL thanks for looking at my blog!

  3. Replies
    1. My dog ate the first McKenna doll I made (the one you see on the Dolls page is the replacement). I've learned to be much more careful now!


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