Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Releases from American Girl

What do you think of the new items from American Girl? I was honestly just expecting the sweet spring dress that American Girl showed on their Facebook page (I know, I'm a little naive), so it was a great surprise to see all the new stuff. In general, I really like the new items, not just because they look really creative and fun, but because of the challenge they offer for those of us who love paper dolls. I can't wait to get started on that bike! Here are some of my favorite new releases.

The pattern on the top is going to be tricky to recreate (plaids are notoriously hard), but I love the look. I also love that they included these shorts, which I am a big fan of.

I appreciate that American Girl kept the pink to a minimum. The cream and lace make it more sophisticated, while still maintaining its age-appropriateness.  This would look beautiful with Vivienne's dark hair.

Isn't this adorable? The cakes remind me of the ones at the American Girl bistro. 

I really love that they made a pet birthday set. It's a really cute concept, and I think the pets of Casa Paper Doll will like it. 

I was so excited to see this on the American Girl website. This is going to be so much fun to make! I think this bike and the helmet from Saige's hat set will go together nicely.

And just when I thought the bike couldn't get better, I saw the pet trailer. I'm not sure how I'll make this, but you can bet that it will happen!

I'm not actually going to make this, because I don't know if you can keep calves in a horse stable, and the dress isn't really calling my name, but this is such an adorable and surprising set that I had to include it here. Not having read Caroline's books, I was not expecting a calf at all, but Garnet is just so sweet! It  looks like something from the Little House on the Prairie series; in fact, when I first saw Garnet I thought of Star and Bright, the two red calves in Farmer Boy. Caroline's dress surprised me too, but I'm glad that she finally has an outfit in her collection that isn't especially fancy. 

To add to this doll excitement, tomorrow the Pippaloo shop on Etsy releases its new food collection! I can't wait until the weekend so I can get started on making all this great doll stuff.

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