Sunday, February 10, 2013

Outdoor Photo Shoot

On Friday the dolls and I went outside to take the photos for the "Dolls" page in the bar above. The weather was pretty nice, so I decided to take some photos of the dolls with the plants and trees.

Here's Saige and Rembrandt against a tree. The blue dress pops more against the neutral bark.

Another photo of Saige, this time with some pansies. The deep yellow looks so pretty with her dress and hair. 

Kenna and Cooper lay down to soak up some sun. Please ignore the awkward leggings. 

Keira and Coconut in a tree. This was a really annoying photo because the wind would start to blow every time I was ready to get a photo! If you ever try outdoor photo shoots with paper dolls, tape them to the background so they don't get lost.

Vivienne in the grass. Funny how grass always looks so soft until you pet it, and then it feels spiky!

Cora in the pansies. She and Vivienne should have traded outfits for this shot, but I like it anyway.

Meet Holly Renee, a Little Miss Matched Uptown girl. I made her last December, but this is the first time she's been in a photo shoot. 

A group photograph. I tried to show the heart shape of the rock in this one because I thought it was really cool.

A closeup of the group photo. 

What do you think? Should I try more outdoor photo shoots in the future?


  1. Why is Holly shorter than the others?

    1. Little Miss Matched dolls are shorter than American Girl dolls (15.25 inches compared to 18 inches).

  2. Yes, you should do more outdoor shoots! There're awesome!

  3. Paper Doll World would u be able to do a photo shoot with Maru and Friends dolls?? They are my absolute faves. I discovered them about 3 months ago and I have started my collection but only have Maru and Jamie :( I would love to see your creation of my fave dollies. :D yay!!!!!!

    1. I'll try! Any particular dolls you want to see?

    2. I would LOVE to see Maru, Jamie, and Raven. They are the 3 dolls that appear in the first storybook I have read from Maru and Friends. This would be so great!! I would definitely try drawing them the same way you do. :D


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