Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Biggest Doll on Display!

"Petra" is finally finished and on display!

I finished coloring it all in a few nights ago and thought about sharing pictures then, but I was so disappointed in the way it turned out that I decided against it. So many things went wrong when I was coloring it that I thought it wasn't worth posting about, but the next day when I was preparing my display board I realized that I didn't hate it as much as I thought.

The coloring on her face and neck is certainly not my best, but I really like her hair. It's one of the few happy accidents of this piece, and it doesn't fully succumb to the "gradient everywhere" theme I seem to have adopted.

And here is the board on display! What do you think of the finished product?


  1. You are such a good artist! I have some paper dolls as we'll but they are not as good as that!

    Kitty from oaktreeforests.blogspot.com

  2. She's beautiful! I love her bunny shirt. You really have a talent for this!

  3. I LOVELOVELOVELOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome! I am entering a page of paper dolls and things into an art contest at my school

  5. She looks amazing! You did a great job!

  6. She's beautiful!! Have you read the hunger games? If you have (if you haven't freeze wright now and go beg your parents to take you to the libray) then i think you could make a paper doll of katniess and peeta and rue and ........all the other hunger games characters and you could makd a bunch of stuff from the book and stuff it would be so cool in fact I think if you did it on the hunger games you could do it on harry potter and other good books anyways keep up the good work i absolutely loce your doll i an the vest drawer in my school and i still cant seem to get the face wright...i love all your dolls and I was wondering if you could name one of your dolls Nysha its prounounced ne-sha it's a nick name even tho it has nothing to do with my teal name but even my teachers call me it and the other day I heard a mother calling "Nysha come here" to her daughter I think your an extrodanirly good artist and I was wondering if you could do anoth giveaway soon hoplfully again I wanted to say how much I love your blog and I wish so much SO much SO SO SO SO MUCH that u could post everyday but I know you can't so ya I hoping at leat evry other day mabey mabey but I hope you continue to post you do sich a great job on your dolls and I wanted to tell you that on the one post you asked for sugustions on a shirt for this doll I tried to comment but it didn't go through I was so mad so keep posting!bye

  7. Hi! I Missed YOU! I was so sad, my computer quit, and you quit, and now you're back, and that is amazing, and I am paper dolling later, I am making one called Fae, and no, it's not spelled wrong, I prefer it spelled that way. You are great as usual. Wanna post like.. now? "Cuz a post NOW would be great!
    - Anonymous A.

  8. Wow her hair is lovely but her eyes anf face are beautiful. Meg


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