Thursday, March 20, 2014

Liebster Q&A

I'm back! I've been out of commission for a while, thanks to a few nasty hand injuries, but thankfully I'm fully healed and have some new fun stuff planned that I'll hopefully be able to share soon.

A big thank you to Hannah of AGDTime, who graciously nominated me for the Liebster blog award. It's been floating around the internet for a while, and I am so honored that you thought of me! Here are her questions.

Which AG doll do you want next?
I'm not really looking to get an American Girl doll any time soon, but I made a list of my favorites here.

Pleasant company or AG?
Since the Pleasant Company is the originator of the American Girl brand, the question is a little unclear. I'm going to assume that you meant Pleasant Company vs. Mattel (please correct me if I'm wrong), in which case I really don't have a preference. Some people like the Pleasant Company dolls better and firmly believe that American Girl was much better before Mattel took over, but to be honest it's not something that makes a big difference to me.

Saige or Isabelle?
Both dolls are attractive, and I can relate to various aspects of both of their stories. I don't think one is better than the other per se, but from an artistic point of view I prefer the design and color of most of the items that American Girl manufactured for the Saige collection. Naturally, I would have preferred that they had been Latina or African American, seeing as those are the predominant racial makeups of the areas in which their stories are set, and American Girl reaallly needs to add a little diversity to its Girl of the Year line, but that's another rant altogether.

Summer or Winter?
I'm not a fan of extreme temperatures, so I enjoy spending time during these seasons in places with moderate climates. Winter in Florida is fantastic, as is summer in Pennsylvania. My enjoyment of the season is pretty closely related to where I am, so this is a bit of a draw.

Fall or Spring?
That's tough too! You must think me so wishy-washy for not giving you straight answers. I'll go with fall, because the weather where I live is so nice then, but spring is wonderful too.

Bittys or 18 inch?
The Bitty Baby line is cute, but I've never been particularly enamored of it, artistically or otherwise.

Youtube or Blogs?
Generally I prefer to read people's blogs rather than watch videos on Youtube, but there are some really great Youtubers whose videos are a pleasure to watch.

Favorite hobby?
I love to draw and read good books. I also enjoy sewing, watching my favorite movies in late-night movie marathons, playing with my dogs, and doing chemistry experiments.

What is your favorite game?

Trivial Pursuit and Cut the Rope. I'm not the best at the pop culture questions in Trivial Pursuit, but I love the history ones.

iPad or iPhone?
With a larger screen, the iPhone would be my favorite, but the iPad is a marvel of design.

Favorite color? 
I can never decide on just one, but I tend to use blues, greens, and oranges most.

And now on to you! I'm passing the award on to anyone who makes paper dolls, blogs about paper dolls, or just has a passing interest in them. Here are my questions for you; feel free to answer them in the comments or on your own blog (just please give me a link - I want to hear your thoughts!).

1. What do you use to make your dolls (markers, colored pencils, etc.) and what do you like best? What brand makes that item?

2. What size do you make your dolls?

3. How do you store them?

4. What is the best thing you have made or seen in paper doll scale?

5. What is the most useful thing you have learned/discovered about making/storing/photographing paper dolls?

6. What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of paper dolls?

7. What are your sources for drawing inspiration?


  1. Thanks for answering my questions!

  2. I don't have a blog, but I decided to answer anyways!

    1. I use markers, crayons, and colored pencils by Crayola. I prefer the twistable crayons more than the regular ones though.

    2. I make mine bigger than yours. Usually about 4ish inches.

    3. I store mine in a pencil case- but I always end up losing them!

    4. Julie's meet outfit! It isn't perfect whatsoever but, it's pretty identical to the original.

    5. Well I can't remember anything in particular but, I usually learn them from you!

    6. here is a Pros/Cons list:
    1. Cheap Hard sometimes to make
    2. Affordable Not real hair
    3. Customizable. Easy to lose.
    7. Well, let's see... YOU, American Girl, and my imagination! ;)

    Sorry for the long comment! It's almost as long as the blog post! !LOL! =D

  3. Here's my answer:
    1. Anything I can find, but Crayons are my faves!
    2. About 3 inches
    3. In a ziploc bag
    4. Tropical Blooms outfit!
    5. AG mags, you.

    Pros Cons:
    - AnonymousA

  4. My answer:
    1. Markers bu Crayola!
    2. They all have different sizes but I want them to normally be around 3 inches
    3. Not the best place, but in there house on by bookshelf
    4. Sagie's hot air ballon (u made a post about that) and Maddy Hatter
    5. Everything u showed us like how to make a paper doll!

    Pros Cons:
    1. Hard to keep in one place
    2. Cheap
    3. Sometimes takes all day 2 make one
    7. Ag and u!!!!!!!!!!

  5. N, are you alright? You haven't posted in forever!


    1. Thanks for your concern! No worries, everything is completely fine - I've just been slammed with deadlines - but if all goes well I should be back by next week.


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