Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Series 2014 Big Reveal

Finally the supplies have been purchased, items photographed, and at last I can reveal the new project. Kudos to Cinnamon Swirl and Ashley A. for being closest to the mark regarding what the new project is!

You may recall that last year's summer project series featured Juliet, a paper Ellowyne doll, and involved several tutorials for summer related paper doll items.

This year I decided to do something similar, only with several alterations. This series is not restricted to summer themed projects - in fact, it's not even restricted to paper items. Like last year, Ellowyne Wilde is involved, but she's of a completely different sort altogether. 

I would like to present you with "3D Thursdays," featuring Miss Viola Blair Wilde.

Viola, "Behind Blue Eyes," was a fairly good eBay deal (a gift to myself for completing my senior thesis, which is a greatly simplified version of the process of getting a PhD) and just what I needed to break me out of my creative mental block. She arrived without clothes or accessories, and since I won't abide having a naked doll around (paper or otherwise), I began to explore the whole new world of fabrics and clothing patterns. In this new summer series, I'm going to share what I've learned about making three-dimensional doll items, and provide tutorials for making your own. The first will ideally be up this Thursday or the next, and in it I'll show you how I made the dress in the photo.

I say this both as a caution and as and encouragement: I'm no sewing guru. That dress is the third doll garment I've ever made. Don't expect any fancy sewing terms or tricks, but at the same time, if I (a complete beginner) could make doll clothes that are functional and not hideous, anyone can too. I look forward to sharing these tutorials with you, and seeing what you make with them!


  1. That's awesome! Can't wait for this! I love to sew. =}

    ~Lydia~ <3


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