Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anniversary/Thank You Giveaway!

At last, here's the promised giveaway. I wanted to make it a little more special since I'm tremendously grateful for not only your help with the Doll Wardrobe FDC, but for being such an incredible group of readers throughout two years of blogging, so rather than just illustrating the outfit I made for the FDC, I put together a sheet of eight Ever After High characters to send to one lucky winner. Apologies in advance for the photo quality; the weather has been terrible.

Clockwise from right: C. A. Cupid, Madeleine Hatter, Raven Queen, Apple White, Cedar Wood, Ashlynn Ella, Blondie Lockes, Briar Beauty

I'm debating whether or not to color these in or leave them as is. What do you think?

Drawing these took about twelve hours divided between two and a half days, but I'm pretty happy with how these came out and I hope you are too. Some of my favorite details:

Blondie Lockes's hair was a pain and a half but since Goldilocks is known for her hair it seemed worth the extra effort.

I've wanted to try making Cedar Wood for ages, and she was a lot of fun to draw. I was conflicted between making her socks accurate to the webisodes or the doll, so I tried to compromise, but if you have a specific preference please let me know.

By far my favorite part of making these dolls was creating the faces. Ashlynn Ella's turned out particularly well:

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Comment below with a suggestion for improvement for next year. How can I make Paper Doll World a better blog? What posts would you like to see? Is there anything I should stop or continue?

2. For one extra entry, share this giveaway on your own site or social media. Leave a comment with a link so I can count the entry.

3. Following Paper Doll World is optional, but if you're a follower your first entry counts double. 

If you win, please email me within 48 hours at the email address in the sidebar to claim your prize. The giveaway ends on Sunday, December 28, at 12:00 pm EST. 

Good luck, and thanks again for all your support!


  1. Ooh, a giveaway! And an EAH-themed one, even better!

    I would love to see some tutorials on how to make versions of the 2015 GOTY's furniture once she comes out (Your version of Isabelle's Wardrobe was amazing) or just more furniture tutorials, and I hope you continue 3D Thursday since I really enjoyed the first couple posts.

    Lulu @thedollmag

    P.S. Your drawings look fantastic!

  2. Hi again!

    I also shared this post on the Doll Mag Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/374009944029552169/


  3. Hi N! This is a cool giveaway! I think you should bring back Tutorial Tuesday, and maybe start doing some tutorials for book and movie characters. :D Have a good day!

  4. Hey!
    Such an amazing giveaway...those paper dolls are lovely!
    I think you should get a design...with photos of your beautiful work.
    I follow you :)


  5. hello!

    I'm very excited for this giveaway (^-^)!!!!!

    i think your blog is good but here are just some small improvement ideas...

    i was wondering (i know you have a really busy life) if you could have an upload schedule. For example you could upload the first Wednesday of each month or something like that. I also liked the tutorials on how to make paper dolls, it would be great if you could continue that! Also if you could make tutorials on how to make paper dolls of both genders, animals, etc. i also really enjoyed current crush so i hope you continue that.

    in all i think this an amazing blog!!!;)

    ta ta for now,

  6. Hey!
    I think your blog is awesome but you could make paper furniture, food, rooms etc and tutorials for your paper dolls!

  7. Hi N! This is my first comment on your blog, but I have read your blog for a while and I love it! You are such a good artist and your paper dolls are beautiful!

    Here's my entry:

    Your blog is amazing the way it is, so the only suggestion I could come up with is maybe adding a header to your blog with a picture of your dolls in it? I always love creative headers. :) Oh, and I follow your blog ;)


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