Sunday, November 8, 2015

Should I Continue?

It was brought to my attention that I've only written three posts this entire year. That's only one more than I made when I first started this site, back in 2012, and then I had the excuse of starting the blog in December. And yes, I can give all the standard excuses of work, a big move, general life stress, etc., but while these are all true, they're getting old. I want to do better, and you loyal readers who have stayed and haven't unfollowed even despite my silence here (particularly one wonderful reader who emailed me the other day - I don't have permission to reveal their identity, but you know who you are) deserve better. 

Honestly, while all the above issues are valid, my biggest blogging roadblock is my changing interest.  I'm having trouble figuring out what I want this blog to be; it started as a place to share papercrafting tutorials, but I think that it's outgrown it in some respects - not at all that papercrafting is in any way childish or immature, but there's really only so much to make tutorials for, and to be honest there's only so many times and ways I can say, "draw this shape, cut it out, fold and tape it" before everyone gets bored. And I have other interests that I'd rather pursue and share with you too, but would you even read about them? I think that's the root of my lack of blogging: I want to write about other things too, but I don't know if you would want to read them since you come here to read specifically about paper dolls. I could start another blog, but I don't want to lose the wonderful community of readers that have stuck around for almost three years (can you believe it's been that long?). And what's the point of blogging if it doesn't make you happy any more, just because you committed to a URL? (To be clear, I still very much like papercrafting, but I'm starting to feel boxed in.)

So, question for you: would you continue to read this blog if it wasn't a straight paper doll site anymore? I want to give you content that you enjoy, and above all I don't want to bore either you or myself.

Here's a photo to help combat the angst you just read.


  1. Absolutely! You could cycle your posts to incorporate all your interests.


    Yes, I do believe you should continue "blogging" in a sense, but don't feel pressured to stay in a certain field. People may come here for paper dolls, but you have several years worth of that that they can explore. We missed you, and to be honest, I wouldn't care if you were ranting about cupcakes, I would just be happy to have you back.

    Also, I think I've spotted you on AGC. Aren't they an awesome community?

  3. I always like seeing blogs come back from the "dead" and seeing them evolve, so that's a "continue" vote from here. :)

  4. Yes! I would love to see you continue! I think about this blog often and look forward to the prospect of more posts.

  5. Please continue! I was worried you would stop the blog and am so glad you aren't dead!

  6. Please, continue and expand! I would LOVE if you did more dollhouse tutorials like making kitchens and such. Those are my favorite! I also love it when you do those photo stories. My BEST request is you do another contest! It would be so fun!
    And besides, this is YOUR blog. You made it to entertain YOURSELF, right? Do whatever you want! We're all so happy to have you back!

  7. I will read anything you post, N! You led me to doll blogging, and I would cry and cry if you left. :(

    Perhaps you could start a new blog, title it "My Interests" or something like that, and go from there?

  8. Oh, and even if you only blogged about ugly cashmere coats with holiday pugs on them- I would read it. :)


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