Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet Daisy and Sally

While this isn't strictly part of my big secret project (which is still in the works!), I thought you might like to see some new developments in lieu of a tutorial post, for which I haven't got the time. These two have been around for a while, and I finally got a chance to photograph them for you. Introducing the new dolls, Daisy and Sally!

They're quite a bit smaller than my trio, as demonstrated in this photo of them with Tesla (trying on a new red wig). Daisy is based on Patience from Wilde Imagination (she's modeling the Garden Patience outfit and wig), and Sally is based on Wilde Imagination's Sad Sally. I'm not especially fond of the name Sally, but since it reminds me of Sally Draper from Mad Men, I'm going to stick with it for now. 

Daisy is different from any doll I've ever made, not only because of her straight bangs (which I rarely make), but because her eyes aren't permanent.

Sorry about the poor image quality - I tried to enlarge the photo but I just ended up making it blurry. I hope you can see how her eyes work in this image: the eye was cut out and a piece of paper with eyes drawn on it stuck to the back of her head. It's by no means perfect, but it means I can switch out her eye color for blue, brown, or any color I choose. Daisy is the first doll I've ever made with changeable eyes, and I'm really excited about exploring this new area of paper doll customization.

Sally doesn't have removable eyes yet. I may switch them out if Wilde Imagination makes a new version with different eyes, but for now I like the hazel eyes with her crazy orange pigtails.

Sally is the smallest doll of the group, and perhaps the smallest doll I've ever made. Here she is beside a dime so you can get a sense of her scale.

Making Daisy and Sally was a delightful challenge. I hope to show you more photos of them soon. What are your thoughts on these dolls?


  1. secondy! Sally is cool! BTW, N, have you heard of Evangeline Ghastly? I think she is beautiful!
    - Anonymous A.

  2. I love Tesla's shirt! She is rockin' the look!
    - Anonymous A.

  3. I can't pick a favorite - all three are quite wonderful! I am amazed that you are able to get the detail you are getting on such a small scale too. Are you using scissors to cut them out or a pen knife/Xacto knife? Just curious.

    I love Sally's outfit too.

    1. Thanks! I cut the eyes with an X-acto blade - it was one of those moments when you desperately hope that Toy Story isn't real! I wouldn't recommend scissors, because they don't offer as much control and precision.

  4. N, do you ever make your paper dolls clothes that you wish you could wear, but you can't? Like i saw this designer pair of pants and shirt, and it was like, fifty dollars to buy! Then I made them for my paper dolls.
    - Anonymous A.

  5. My paper dolls want a new house!!!!!!!! No dollies, I am out of shoeboxes! Stop dollies! Hee hee!
    - Anonymous A.


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