Thursday, October 3, 2013

Temporary Separation

Since I got a few questions about my absence, I thought I would let you know what's going on so you don't think I've disappeared off the face of the earth. 

Essentially, the issue is this: I can't devote the time I would like to Paper Doll World. As much as I love working on paper doll items and this site, I also have many responsibilities in my life outside my computer. I'm also really busy with my next big paper doll project, which as of now is still a secret (though I can't wait to share it with you!)  My personal life has become extremely stressful, leaving me little time to accomplish my daily tasks, let alone make paper doll items.

Can't wait until I have time to make the new Patience dolls from Wilde Imagination!
I'm not planning to abandon Paper Doll World, but posting will be a little spotty until early to mid-November. I'll post whenever I can, and hopefully I'll be able to share some sneak peeks of my project, but don't expect solid twice a week posting for a few weeks.

Thank you for your patience and support. Hope to be back soon!


  1. It's ok. That means I'll be even more excited when a new post comes out!

    1. are you a new blogger?
      -Anonymous A.

  2. That's fine. My life has been a little hectic the past few weeks,too.
    Let me geuss, does it have something to do with Wilde Imagination's Patience?
    -Anonymous A.


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