Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dollhouse Part 2.2 - Bathtub

Finally, a tutorial that's actually on Tuesday! I'm going to continue the dollhouse tutorial series as long as you have requests for pieces for it, so if you want more of this, let me know in the comments.

Today's tutorial is for a bathtub to go with the vanity from this tutorial. Unlike the snack cart, it's quick and fits together easily. As always, you'll need the basic pencil, eraser, and markers or colored pencils, but you may also find a craft or pocket knife useful for cutting out the tiny pieces.

Start by sketching everything as basic shapes. In addition to the tub, I drew a shower head and curtain. If you want to add a curtain, be sure to make a curtain rod to attach the curtain to the tub.

Add in the small details of the tub, such as the soap dish and scrub brush or washcloth. If you've made several small items, you may want to make a caddy to attach to the shower rod and hold the little pieces so they don't get lost.

Color everything in, cut out, and assemble. I glued the shower rod behind the faucets, and attached the ends of the curtain rod to it to create a semicircular shape.

Here's a clearer view of the assembly. It looks a little rough, but I don't mind because it's not going to be seen in photos.

Sally is a little on the small side for the bathtub, but the scale isn't too bad.

I hope you liked this tutorial! What other pieces would you like to learn to make?


  1. this isn't for a craft related thing, but could you show us your paper doll collection. And how and where you place everything (Sorry if this was already metioned in another post) but that would be great! Also for a craft request could you make a sink and caddy with working drawers. I know its a lot to ask but I'm curious to see if you could make it.


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