Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Solution to the Doll Vacation Dilemma

Christmas and the winter break are almost here, and many people (perhaps including you) are planning to go on vacation. Herein lies the quandary for paper doll aficionados - bring my doll in the event of an awesome photo opportunity, or leave it at home to ensure it doesn't get lost? I know from experience the pain and frustration of losing your favorite doll on vacation, but I can never resist bringing my dolls places in hopes that I can get some nice photos to share here. So for this year's vacation I'm trying something new, and I hope you find this idea useful as well. 


I made a new doll specifically to take on trips. She's cute enough that I know I'll enjoy photographing her, but I won't be heartbroken if she gets lost. This way, I can compromise both my goals - taking fun photos without losing my favorite dolls. I'm not sure about her name, though; she might be Elerie until I can think of something better. 

So that I can get some variety in her looks, I made Elerie the bare necessities to take on this trip. It'll be a fun challenge seeing how many outfits I can pull together. Here's the one she'll be wearing to travel (I'm not taking this one at the airport because I got enough strange looks the last time I photographed dolls in a public place).


It seems a little stereotypically French, but the hat is nice (inspired by a piece by Janie Jumps) and you know how I am about that cape. In my opinion, Elerie doesn't look half bad.

When it comes to storing Elerie, I'm keeping her inside my phone case. Some other strategies that work are attaching a paper closet (search under tutorials - I'm having trouble linking it) to a hair clip and wearing it, or putting the doll and items in a well sealed plastic bag in your pocket (the plastic bag protects the doll should you forget to remove it before washing the clothing). 

Are you bringing a travel doll on your trip? How are you planning to store and photograph it?

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  1. Cool! I will try this on some of my new paper dolls that have no names yet! (I am horrible she it comes to picking names lol) Good luck! Hope it works! Merry Christmas!!


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