Sunday, March 31, 2013

Odds and Ends

I'm in the middle of my doll collection overhaul, so instead of setting up a photo shoot with the dolls, I thought I'd just share some pictures of what the new collection is starting to look like and somethings I'm planning to make.

A sneak preview of how the future collection will be organized.

Most of the old collection has been given to a younger family member as a gift. 

From Flickr
I'm planning on a giveaway for April, and since it's National Poetry Month who better to be the prize than a paper Ellowyne! More details to come, hopefully. 

From Etsy

DollyTown on Etsy makes the most stunning doll shoes! I think I'm going to replace Meredith's plain blue shoes with a pair of these two-tone flats. 

What doll projects are you working on?


  1. Wait, what does Wilde Imagination have to do with poetry?

    I'm confused...

    1. Supposedly Ellowyne is very fond of writing depressing poetry.

  2. Did you give away all your paper dolls except Blythe?

    1. I kept Kenna, Saige, Holly, and Vivienne.


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