Monday, September 2, 2013

New Girl Revisited

Thanks for your name suggestions! I really appreciate all your help. Unfortunately, I'm still having a hard time making a decision, especially because I re-made the doll.

The previous doll's face didn't seem quite right to me, so I tried again, this time with better results. This new doll looks much sweeter and less pensive, but I still can't decide on a name. I was leaning toward Catalina for a while, but I don't know if that will be the final name because it contains Alina's name and sounds weird if you say them together ("These are my dolls, Alina and Catalina.")  I thought about naming her Catalina and changing Alina's name, but I don't like that idea because I have a really hard time changing a doll's name once I've named it. 

I'm happy that I remade her, though. She and Alina look good together, and the flower sweater and skirt outfit suits her very well.

Some other names I'm thinking about (besides the ones you suggested):
- Anna (though it's awfully close to Alina)
- Natalia
- Natasha
- Ingrid
- Astrid (again, the double A name problem)
- Hazel
- Katia
- Tesla (after the scientist)

Also, anyone have any recommendations for outfits for Fiona, Madeline, and Aisling? Fiona's going to get her Legacy Day dress, but I'm stuck for the other two.


  1. umm.........I like Lisa....Do you? Have you thought
    of Lisa? Out of the list, Astrid, I think.
    -Anonymous A.

  2. I like those names but how about Jenni-ellan
    Probably without the dash but i wanted you to see how it was pronounced. Or Jane would also be a good name.
    miss bliss

  3. Try Katrina, or Kat, for short.
    Haha, my 55 is named Hazel, and so is my cousins. Perfect name for 55 I guess?

  4. For clothes for the Ever After High dolls......Fiona would look good in 13 Wishes Clawdeen's dress (you can see pictures at, I think Maddie would look nice in Lagoona and Abbey's outfits, and Aisling would be really pretty in Spectra's clothes. :)


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