Sunday, September 15, 2013

Paper Doll Art Contest Entry

Today's photo shoot is my entry for Paper Doll Art's contest. Click the link to see more!

The doll in this photo set is named Tesla Jane. Here's the storyline I created for the entry:

Tesla wakes up early to get ready for school. Her hairstyle, a braided headband, takes a while to do and she doesn't want to be late. Tesla picks out a red and white pleated skirt and white shirt with a fish-scale pattern on the top and cap sleeves, a look she thinks is fresh and polished, yet fun. She packs her lunch and laptop in her backpack and sets off.

Tesla arrives a few minutes before her first period class starts, and uses the time to review her science textbook in case her teacher gives a pop test. Science is one of Tesla's favorite subjects; she's thinking about having a career in environmental science.

When the lunch bell rings, Tesla grabs her food to go outside. She likes to carry her food in a brown paper bag because it's recyclable. It's a nice day out, so most students are eating outside.

Tesla sets out her food - celery with peanut butter and raisins, an apple, and a cookie. It's a somewhat nutritious lunch that she hopes will give her energy throughout the afternoon.

After her classes, Tesla dresses up for her internship. For the past few months, she's had a job as an intern at a prestigious environmental planning firm, and today she's presenting her big project - a design for a rest area and sky deck in a local park - to the members of the firm. Tesla and her mentor have spent a long time setting it up, and Tesla really wants it to go well. She swaps her gray and white shirt for an ecru button-down with lace trim by the buttons, and adds a pair of golden dangle earrings. Her pink and blue sneakers add a fun and unexpected touch to the outfit.

When it's time for her to present her work, Tesla connects her laptop to the projector to show what she's done. At first she feels nervous, but after a few slides she gains confidence. 

The members of the firm are impressed by the design, and Tesla's mentor is proud of the work. When Tesla finishes answering questions, her best friends Alina and Rani come up to congratulate her.

To celebrate, Alina suggests they go shopping. Tesla finds a black and white dress in her size, and tries it on in the dressing room. It looks nice, but something's missing.

A mint-colored bow belt adds the finishing touch. While Alina and Rani keep browsing, Tesla takes the dress and belt to the counter to pay.

The three promise to meet up later for sushi, and Tesla goes home to walk and feed her English bulldog puppy, Lucy (nicknamed Lulu). Lulu can get a little rambunctious, so Tesla changes out of her good clothes into something more suitable for play. Her shirt has a whimsical deer print, and the colors set off the black buttons and Peter Pan collar. The denim cutoffs add to the casual feel of the outfit.

Quick summary of all the items in my entry:
- Doll: Tesla Jane, MyAG #53
- Outfits: Ecru button-down, cap-sleeve shirt, red and white skirt, black and white dress from Janie Jumps. Deer print shirt design from Janie Jumps, deer print fabric from Modes4U.
- Accessories: Earrings and textbook from American Girl. Laptop from Apple. Lunch, belt, dog, and backpack from my design.  

Thank you Alexandra for hosting this contest! Check out Paper Doll Art for more information on entry requirements and photos of the prize. 


  1. you decided on a name! Woop Woop! And it was my suggestion! Woop Woop!

    1. It's a lovely name, and it fits her perfectly. Thanks for your help!

  2. I like Tesla! BTW, Where did you get the inspiration for that dress? It's GEORGEOUS!
    -Anonymous A.

  3. I think if you ever need a new doll, MAG #41
    would be a good choice.
    I have her in paper doll form, she looks good in EVERYTHING!
    -Anonymous A.


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