Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daisy in Wonderland

Continuing the theme of focusing on lesser-featured dolls, here are a few pictures of Daisy, my version of Wilde Imagination's Patience. Since the 2014 Wilde spring collection comes out on Wednesday (with a few new versions of Patience, Ellowyne, and Sad Sally!), I thought Daisy would be the ideal doll to showcase.

When I pulled Daisy from storage, she was wearing the Wonderland Patience dress and had the matching headpiece nearby, so a photo with Madeline was inevitable. Who better to pop up in an Alice-themed photo shoot than the daughter of the Mad Hatter? 

This picture is a classic example of photo props that are just too small. Trying to cut out and keep track of that miniscule key was brain numbing, but I'm glad for another opportunity to use my new table. And with the use of a drawing pen with a .2 mm tip, the labels actually say "Eat me!" and "Drink me!"

"Then she walked down the little passage, and then- she found herself at last in the beautiful garden, among the bright flower beds and cool fountains." - Alice in Wonderland.

Which dolls would you like to see next?

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