Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2014 Paper Doll Crew

What better way to start the year than with an introduction of new paper dolls? This is the new crew at Casa Paper Doll: (l-r) Alia, Isabella, and Corazòn.

Since I'm so late on the one year anniversary party, it's now a combination New Year's and anniversary celebration. The animal push pop cakes were inspired by Twinkie Chan, crochet queen and all-around awesome blogger. I thought they would make a fun way to mark the occasion, and I'll hazard a guess that the dolls like them too.

After a slight wardrobe swap, here's everyone in the treehouse. I'm thinking I might need to enlarge the porch as things seem a little crowded in there.

Since this year's girl of the year is all about dance, I set up a little ballet studio scene. You'll notice that Isabella's arm is at a different angle in this photograph, which leads me to an explanation of why this new set of dolls is special...

The arms are attached to the shirts, not the dolls, giving the dolls a much wider variety of poses. They can even bend their elbows, something that even American Girl dolls can't do. It's going to be so much fun making dance scenes with dolls that can actually (attempt to) imitate actual dance poses. Looking forward to more photo shoots!

Have you made any new paper dolls? I'd love to see (and feature, if you're interested) any of your paper doll work.


  1. You're an amazing artists! Love the idea of attaching the arms to the shirts! Your Isabelle doll is so pretty so are the others but her face particularly stood out to me :)

  2. I will try to post more about Paper Saige + Paper Isabelle (if I get around to make her)!

  3. That is SO clever! I might steal that idea for my Isabelle doll. I can't wait to see your dance scenes with the different arm poses!


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