Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Not Lose Dolls: Home Edition

No photo shoot today - Kenna is missing. The small size of paper dolls is both an advantage and a drawback in that they can be stored easily but they are also lost easily. While I continue to search and debate over whether I should make a new Kenna doll, here are my tips for not losing your paper dolls (or, what I should have done differently):

1. Give the dolls an area to stay in. This can be but is not limited to a dollhouse or other storage container, although having one might be useful to you. For example, their area is my bedroom. The idea behind this rule is to create a "home base" or headquarters where you can corral everything, so doll paraphernalia isn't scattered everywhere.

2. Never let your dolls leave that area. Ever. In my example, the dolls should never leave my bedroom (This is what caused Kenna's disappearance - my sister took all the dolls to the kitchen to play when I wasn't home, and who knows what happened to Kenna during that time). I know this sounds strict, but this way if anything goes missing you have a much smaller area to search.

3. If you want to be even more organized, subdivide your area. In my room, I have an area for photo shoots and an area for the dollhouse. What I plan to do as soon as I find/remake Kenna is to set up a small box on my desk to keep dolls. I like to make clothes at my desk, but my desk gets really crowded and a doll serving as my model is easily lost in the shuffle. If I keep the doll models in a small box, I can find them easily, so they don't get lost and I can finish the outfit/accessory quickly. With a subdivided area, there are even fewer places to look.

Of course this system isn't perfect, but it increases the chances of finding missing dolls. I don't know how insightful or helpful this list was, but I hope it was useful to someone. In a later post I plan to write about how to not lose dolls while traveling, and specific tips for doll storage.

ETA: I made a new Kenna doll. She turned out really nicely, and you can see her in my next photo shoot.

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