Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quick Update

Hi guys! I know I haven't been here for a while, so I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm still here and have real updates planned. I will hopefully have a photo shoot with Cora, and a tutorial on drawing paper dolls, posted here on Sunday.

My original goal was to post every day, but lately I have been so busy that everyday posting is not really an option. What do you think of a 3 posts per week schedule? I'm thinking about having a Tutorial Tuesday in which I share ideas for making paper doll things, and a Photo Shoot Sunday. Please feel free to submit your pictures and ideas too! I'm not sure what other things I would post - I guess that depends on what you're interested in. I think it would be really fun if there was a weekly feature where you send your paper doll photos in, like the Sunday Showcase on Doll Diaries. What do you think?  Please tell me your opinion in the comments.


  1. I am so excited to have found this wonderful and creative blog! :)

    1. I'm gonna make a Kirsten doll! I think... No, Kaya... No, Meckenna... Ya know, I'll stick with the dolls I have!
      -Anonymous A.

  2. I think that would be cool!

  3. Awesome! I'd Make and send in a picture of it

  4. Everything is good!


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