Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photo Shoot Sunday: Dress-Up

First, thanks for the responses to last week's photo shoot. The funniest caption, chosen by my brother, was submitted by Audrey. Congratulations!

After the failed photo shoot with Kenna, Vivienne rummaged through the doll clothes.

"Don't you have anything fancy to wear around here?" asked Vivienne.

"Um, I guess," said Cora. "I never really pay attention to that. You should ask Saige and Kenna."

Vivienne rolled her eyes and continued hunting. Finally she found a red dress that was fancy enough to suit her.

"I need some jewelry," she announced. "Do you have any of that?"

"You could ask the human for some," suggested Cora.

So Vivienne cajoled and pleaded until finally she got the earrings from Ivy's accessories set. Then she persuaded Saige and Cora to dress up and take pictures with her.

We only got through two photos before Saige decided that she had to get back to her mural, and Cora got bored of posing in a fancy dress, so this week's photo shoot is awfully short. Any ideas as to what the girls will be up to next week?

By the way, I'm going to run a contest starting Monday. Stay tuned for details!


  1. Cute!!!! Very excited for the contest!!!!

  2. Cute! I love how you make AG outfits for them!


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